Mother’s Day Gifts

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day which many readers will consider heresy.

You could be right but, meh, I don’t care. I’m feeling kinda contrary today and it’s one of the advantages of writing a blog, baby:  I can spout heresy if I feel like it.  True, I may not have any readers left thereafter but I’m a believer in living dangerously, right out on the edge. 🙂

Here’s why I don’t believe in Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day demands you do something nice for mom. That very obligation pretty much renders any such gesture  meaningless. Marketers everywhere translate ‘doing something nice for mom’ as buying something. Frankly, I don’t need anything more to dust, I can’t eat chocolate the way I used to and a bouquet of flowers in a cut crystal vase is an invitation to disaster, with Desi eyeing anything remotely plant-like greedily. Desi who eats flowers

I guess I’m a demanding bitch of a mother.  (Yes, I do realize that makes my sons SOBs).  But I figure that if it doesn’t occur to my kid all by his lonesome every once in a random while that he should express a little love and appreciation for Mom (and other important people in his life) without a Hallmark event on the calendar reminding him to do so, then he’s obviously a self-absorbed little shit monkey. If he’s a self-absorbed little monkey, I’m a failure as a mother. Failure is not worthy of any celebration.  Moreover, wasting money on gifts I may have to dust, purchased only because he’d better buy me something, anything, is pretty much guaranteed to make me cranky.

Personally, I’d much prefer my son buys me a pot of  yellow supermarket tulips some dismal, grey blustery winter day rather than the on second Sunday in May (when it’s apt to be blue skies and sunshine anyway and I don’t especially need cheering up).  Then, I would know he was a thoughtful, generous person and that his gift was inspired by love and the desire to please me. That would be a true delight and more of a gift than the flowers themselves.

Yellow supermarket tulips

Yellow supermarket tulips

That said, if you want to show love and appreciation for Mom on Mother’s Day, sure, go for it!  Just make sure you do so at other points in the year, too.

Here are some Not-Really-Just-for-Mother’s Day gift ideas that, if I were your mom, I’d love:

  1.  Invite me to a play or a movie that we’d both enjoy.
Stratford Festival

Invite me to a play
Source Stratford Festival

2.  Make me something out of the corks we’ve saved from bottles of wine shared together over the years.

Source Pinterest Wine Enthusiast via IMGFAVE

Source Pinterest Wine Enthusiast via IMGFAVE

3. Buy some perennials and help me plant them in the garden, so that everytime I look out for years to come, I think of you.

Source Home

Source Home

4.  Do the laundry without being asked.  ALL YEAR LONG would be nice!

Source LG Washing machine at

Source LG Washing machine at

5. Buy me a piece of clothing that I’d like, like this Tee Shirt from LandsEnd that is meant as UV protection when swimming.  What a good idea, especially since it’s 30% off this weekend!

Swimblock T shirt Source

Swimblock T shirt


For the record, I don’t discriminate. For all of the above-noted reasons, nor do I believe in Father’s Day, Professional Assistant’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, St Valentine’s Day and other such marketing money-grabs.  Appreciate the important people in your life year round and try to express affection daily.  Don’t take them for granted and then figure you’re off the hook because you bought a card.



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