The Definition of Rich

How much money would you need in order to call yourself rich?

It’s an interesting question. Personally, I don’t know what the exact number is.

Being rich means having enough money to feel secure (and since 2008, can’t say I’m feeling secure yet). Rich means not having to worry that, one day, you won’t have enough to provide for the necessities of life – food, heat, prescription medicines and new bifocals when you can’t see so well with the old ones.

Rich also means being able to indulge in a few of the luxuries that add pleasure to the day without worrying about debt piling up. I’m not talking about luxuries like my own jet.  I mean being able to afford owning a car, going to visit your grandkids when you feel like it, sharing a nice bottle of wine with your mate when you’re in the mood to do so, or a buying the occasional bouquet of yellow tulips in the dead of winter to brighten up the house. None of these are necessities of life, but to my mind they are necessary for a good quality of life.

Here’s a much simpler, less anxiety-ridden definition of rich. Rich is having enough money to buy the art you want.

I read a few years ago about Ronald Lauer buying Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer for $135 million. It still takes my breath away to think of any one person having that much money.  THAT is definitely rich!

My own ambitions are decidedly more modest.  I’ve always coveted one of Ron Bolt’s huge paintings of light on water, but I gather even those beautiful babies cost upwards of $15-20,000, totally worth it, but still more than I’ll ever be able to afford to spend a work of art.

Here are some paintings by the Nova Scotian artist Flora Doehler that I would love to hang on my walls and that are more attainably priced.  Some of the smaller paintings cost no more than a fancy dinner out or a new summer dress Some of her larger canvases would take a little saving up for, but even those are within the realms of reality.

I think buying one of these would be enough to make me feel rich!

Flora Doehler


Flora Doehler

Flora Doehler Lupins
Flora Doehler’s Lupins

These images came from Flora Doehler’s website, which you can find at  She also has a beautiful blog, with lovely photographs of Bear River, Nova Scotia, and her life there.  Do yourself a favour and check it out.  It will definitely bring a little sunshine into the greyest of days.

4 responses to “The Definition of Rich

  1. Thank you Kelly for such a lovely post about my paintings!! I’m so glad that you chose my work to feature on your blog!
    There is beauty all around us if we look for it. Creating it as an artist or as a writer or cook or any and all creation is like participating in a miracle. It is a gift all right!
    Have a miraculous week!

    • Thanks for visiting, Flora and I’m glad you approve! Hope your weather has calmed down a wee bit after the drama of last week! I’ll check in on life and loveliness in Bear River from time to time!!

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