Gorgeous Greenery

Ficus Liraca Source Pinterest

Ficus Liraca Source Pinterest

Adding life to your home is always a good idea. Sure, art and books will help do that. But if you really want to go for it, you have to be literal minded. Kids, pets and plants add more life than anything.

Of these three, plants are definitely the easiest to have in the house. There is no having to toilet train a jade plant, no helping your fern with math homework, no paying their tuition bills.  There is no need to stay up late to walk your rosemary bush at 11pm, no cleaning up after the occasional accident (unless you make a mess repotting one) and no plant will daintily step on your face at 6am demanding breakfast.

Succulent house plants

Succulents Source Pinterest

Pick the right plant and it will thrive on benign neglect, all the while rewarding you with fresh green loveliness. I’ve had good luck with Christmas cactus. One is nudging 25 years old yet still blooms garishly, gratifying, given it should have died from lack of water several dozen times. Choose well and you might even get some organic fresh flavourings for your dinner. Thanks to our rosemary plant, we always have a fresh sprig to pop in with the lamb shoulder roast.

Boston Fern Source Pinterest

Boston Fern Source Pinterest

To show you the magical night-and-day effect plants can have on decor, I had fun playing with Polyvore, a new social media platform for design and fashion junkies, decorating three fantasy living rooms. I designed each living room first without plants, then with plants to show what an awesome different a little greenery makes to any home.

So, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me:

(i)what houseplants you are most successful in nuturing, especially if you have a cat because I’m kind of at a loss since adopting our lovely Desi and

(ii) have you played with Polyvore or am I the only one who spends entirely TOO much time on my computer?

Living Room A:  A messed up blast of colour

A colourful living room

A colourful living room

A colourful living room with plants

A colourful living room with plants

Living Room B: Feminine without Frills

A less colourful living room

A less colourful living room, but isn’t the blue pretty?

now with plants!

now with plants!

Living Room C: Neutral

A neutral living room

A neutral with contrast & texture living room

So much better with plants (& the little side table)

So much better with plants (& the little side table, but I should have switched the one on the coffee table with the one on the cute little black table

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you have a great weekend.


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