Flowers in Winter

Everyone is complaining about winter this year, which has been unrelenting. Complaining about the weather is the Canadian national sport, I’ll admit (and I’ll bet you thought that was hockey. Ha! Wrong!) but this winter has truly been special.  Snow storms. Ice storms. Day after dreary grey day of bitterly cold temperatures. I’m tired of my shovel being my work out buddy, tired of going around looking like the Michelin Man in a toque and tired of my bifocals fogging up every time I come inside.

The icy winds were ferocious enough to blow the snow through the screen

The icy winds were ferocious enough to blow the snow through the screen

I want Wiarton Willie to tell that miserable geezer, Old Man Winter, to get gone.

I want Spring to bloody well stop dawdling and get sprung already.

Until that happens, I’m dodging the winter blahs by daydreaming about warm, sunny June weekends in my garden, plopped happily in the dirt, surrounded by blossoming pink peonies, Russian sage, woodland violets and blue delphiniums.  I can’t wait for true first day of spring, when the nurseries magically appear in the supermarket parking lots.  I’m looking forward to a lovely hour or two choosing the plants to fill the pots on the back deck and by the front door.

Until then, I’ll content myself with buying some flowers to cheer up our table.  I think flowers are the single best way to bring a breath of spring and a feeling of sunshine into the house in the middle of a long grey winter. Inspired by my screensaver picture, which I love and have copied below, I’m going to buy the biggest bunch of daisies I can find.

Amy Merrick Daisies

Why do mine never look quite this lovely?

Ahhh! Isn’t this simple and casually chic bouquet perfect? Without a doubt it is. This picture was taken from the website of the New York-based floral designer and stylist, Amy Merrick. She brilliantly included the billowy petals of a white poppy amidst the humble daisies which I never would have thought of doing. It is that unexpected little touch that makes the arrangement so special. Wonder if I can find white poppies anywhere?

The talented and creative Amy has a sigh-worthy portfolio, showcasing her fabulous floral designs and equally stunning photography, and providing a beautiful inspiration and ideas.  So if you’re yearning for springtime and your garden, see below, which I’m sharing as an antidote to another bleak winter day. If you like these as much as I do, visit Amy’s website to see more at

Amy Merrick

Doesn’t this look like an Impressionist still life? Beautiful!

Amy Merrick

Amy Merrick Studio

Love her studio as much as her flowers.

Amy Merrick

Casual perfection, on the windowsill

Amy Merrick Wedding Flowers

I would never have thought of black candles on a wedding table, but don’t they set off the flowers so nicely? If I were marrying Greg all over again…..

Amy Merrick

pretty pink petals

This makes me long to be out in the garden again.

This makes me long to be out in the garden again.

sunshine in a vase

sunshine in a vase

flowers amy merrick

so simple, so fresh

dramatic tulips

dramatic tulips

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