The Unintended Consequences of Travel: Rebranding a Blog

This blog came into being because my one and only and I have always loved exploring the world together, often with three kids in tow.

Unfortunately, we also have a slightly promiscuous predilection of wanting to take up permanent residence nearly everywhere we go.  Appealing as it may be, it’s tough to move to a charming old stone house with blue shutters in a medieval village in Provence, overlooking a vineyard, when your employer demands you show up at work and you need that paycheque  for all those little luxuries.

Like feeding the kids.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

So we kept fantasizing,  “One day, we’ll live for a year in a beautiful little house in …………..”

Pick one to fill in the blank:  Charleston, Savannah, Fez (Morocco), Istanbul (Turkey), Angers and various little towns from the Loire Valley to the Riviera to the Dordogne, Paris, London, Bath, the Willamette Valley, Cartagena, New York City, Edinburgh, Phuket, Vienna, Nantucket, Barcelona, Venice, Mykonos, Sydney (Australia), Bora Bora, Hawaii, the Margaree Valley in Cape Breton, Annapolis Royal, Siesta Key.Barn house source Houzz

Italian stone house


But last year, we surprised ourselves.  We did more than just gaze longingly at the listings in the real estate office window and pick our favourites.  Last year, we actually bought a lovely little 2 bedroom condo in Siesta Key as a vacation rental property.

So I started blogging late last spring.  It was a way to tell the world about our great little vacation rental, its many amenities and all the wonderful things you would enjoy on a vacation to Siesta Key.

(Sure took me long enough to get to the point, didn’t it? Real estate promiscuity led to blog.)

Then the boys and I built the website, another adventure and a story for another day.  If you’re interested in admiring our handiwork  or, better yet, if you’re interested in a vacation in paradise, steps to the best beach in the US, please do click HERE and take a gander.

Since the website, this blog doesn’t need to be a communications tool anymore.  It can be whatever I (the blogger) and you  (the bloggee) want it to be.  For the past few months,  I’ve had a blast blathering about whatever catches my fancy, then putting it out there to share with readers and seeing what comes back.

Now I’m addicted to blogging.

So it’s a new year and it’s high time for a more appealing approach (Happy New Year, by the way!  Hope 2014 is a great one for you and yours.) so I’m planning to refresh, refocus and rebrand this blog.  My goal is to entertain, inform and inspire you (and me!!) and to entice you  to come back and visit more often.

How exactly will I do that?  Glad you asked.  Dunno exactly.  

I have a bunch of ideas I’m hoping you’ll like and I’ve been busy developing a plan, because, well, I’m a planner, rather than the last word in spontaneity.  Here’s what I’m thinking and, please please please, I’d love some feedback:

  • more pretty pictures
  • more inspirational and  ‘how to’ content.
  • More about how do we live better and enjoy life more?
    • home design,
    • food and wine,
    • R&R and entertainment (well told stories in any medium, book or blog, film or TV),
    • travel tips, info and other adventures
  • more mid-life perspective because, well, I’m mid-life female slightly past her best before date and a growing proportion of us out there are in the same boat.  We have different attitudes, opportunities and challenges than twenty-somethings and we’re rather often overlooked by much of the mainstream media because we’re no longer in the acquisition stage of life and we have well developed preferences, not easily swayed by advertising.

I’m working on a new title and still refining the topics.  I sure hope you’ll please tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel for the grand unveiling.

Unless I’m late, in which case, just tune in anyway please?  Consider yourself invited and, really, it would be rude to decline.  🙂

Have a great week, my friends.


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