To Life!

My friend, Dorit, posted this You Tube wedding video which I am sharing, in turn, with you.  

By the time I had finished watching this, I had tears on my cheeks, which is a bit embarrassing to admit but my mom loved Fiddler on the Roof and I still miss her every day.  Beyond that, though, the performance struck me as being a pure expression of love and joy.  That’s not sappy, though some people may think so.  That’s nice.  The father, his brand new son-in-law and the rest of the family united to create a surprise for the young bride, a gift that showed courage, creativity and determined effort and one that she no doubt treasures the memory of.

This video of a total stranger’s wedding has stuck in my mind since I saw it. I have been pondering why it stuck and I think what it comes down to is that it is a reminder of what I know to be important but sometimes lose sight of.

It is a reminder to take the time to celebrate being alive instead of just slogging through another day, packed full of TO DO list items and looming deadlines.  It is a reminder that  love and joy grow stronger when shared and a reminder to say I love you, out loud, in public and often. It is a reminder as to why it is important for the family to come together for holidays and special occasions. Finally, it is a reminder, too, of the power of the creative arts to shine joy into life, to uplift us and give us the hope and the strength we need to keep going forward.

I, for one, need those reminders from time to time.


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