OMG! The Holidays are Coming!

Hey, guys!  Happy Monday!  Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.

I was a busy girl this weekend, raking up the yard.  The leaves are falling late this year.  We still have lots of  orange leaves on our maple tree out front, so we’ve been enjoying a lovely mellow golden light streaming in the windows the past few weeks.  Just beautiful!  It’s one of those little compensations for living in the True North Strong and Free that you never get in the tropical south.

christmas ornaments

The other big TO DO list item on this weekend’s agenda was to start the preparations for the Christmas holidays because, OMG,  it’s already mid-November and the holidays are coming!  That means Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, tree- buying and decorating, baking and turkey brining all have to be done precisely 6 weeks and two days from today. Rather than feeling frazzled, overheated, exhausted and broke by the time Christmas Eve dawns, I’d prefer to wallow in a holier than thou feeling of being ALL DONE while the lesser mortals males in the house scurry out to the mall.  So this weekend, I started addressing my cards with the goal of having them all written and mailed before the post office line ups are insane, though not before December 1st which is against the rules.  I have a five year hoard of wrapping and ribbon in a box in the basement, stockpiled at post Christmas sales, but need to check the scotch tape supply.  Most of all, I need to figure out the gift list, so I have things to wrap that will not be stared at in bewilderment or horror when unwrapped 6 weeks and two days from now.

BTW, if you find holiday prep a bit overwhelming, check out the talented and funny Karen Bertelsen over at the blog The Art of Doing Stuff.  She has posted Christmas Pledge Calendar to help stay on top of the demands of the Frantic Festive Season.  She is a wealth of knowledge about tons of stuff and she is always fabulously entertaining.   She’s also just posted some Etsy gift guides for those hard to buy types, like the kind who have feet.  Or hands.   I want this wreath she has filed under Gift for the Wino for our front door.

wine cork wreath etsy


Have you started your shopping yet?

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