Wordy Wall Art

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Have you noticed that wordy wall art is trendy right now?  People have embraced lists of rules, subway stops and thematically-related words as stylish home decor, in lieu of photographs and paintings.

To digress a moment, have you also noticed that trendy types don’t say “trendy” anymore? The vulgar masses may aspire to be trendy but not we design mag afficionados, my dear.  We prefer to be “on trend,” which apparently is less apt to be considered tacky five years from now.

Back to the main point:  wordy wall art is in.

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Surely that must be one of the great examples of irony?

Fact-based, text-heavy articles are out.  There is a growing preference for fewer words, fewer syllables in those words and more photographs, as evidenced by the growth of commuter papers like Metro. Newspaper readership generally is declining steadily as people prefer amusing or infuriating opinion-based posts, news stories in 60-seconds or less and  tweets of 140-characters or fewer.

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We’re taking the words out of our reading material and substituting pictures and, simultaneously, we’re taking images off our walls and substituting words.  Words like Live, Laugh, Love.  Apparently we need to be reminded of what is important.

Or, better yet: Keep Calm and Drink Tea.

Keep Calm and Watch TV,

Keep Calm and Hit Delete,

Keep Calm and Pursue Your Dream.

Keep Calm and Go Shopping.

I can promise no Keep Calm posters in Siesta Key 611.  Calm is my middle name, as it is yours, i’m sure.  Besides, the place itself is sufficiently relaxing you won’t need any reminders.

I will also try to embrace modernity and write shorter posts.

Not sure that’s possible, but I’ll try.

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