10 Signs You Need a Vacation

source: 98country.com

source: 98country.com

1.  You ponder the wisdom of correcting your boss when she answers “I’m good. How are you?”   You decide it would be unwise to tell her that you were not asking about her moral state, but rather her health.  You do it anyway because it is just THAT irritating.

2.  You are so tired that you don’t notice ’til you get to work that your shoes don’t match.

3.  You hurl abuse at the computer when spell check tells you that you are spelling the verb practising wrong, because the damn idiots who programmed it (educated people, surely??) do not recognize the difference between practice (the noun) and practise (the verb).

4.  It’s snowing outside.  Again.

5.  You growl at your husband for having the unbridled audacity to ask how you slept before you sucked back your first  dose of caffeine.

6.  You’re looking  forward more to having a glass of wine at the end of the day than you are to having dinner and conversation with your family.

Source John Racaru

Source John Racar

7. You’re extremely envious of the US Government workers being shutdown.

8. The Toronto Blue Jays actually win a game and you’re too tired to care.

9.  You dream at night about palm trees, deserted beaches and cloudless blue skies.  They are vivid, vivid lovely dreams and when you wake up and see 6:45 on the digital clock, you moan NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

10.  Your child’s teacher says something about being overworked and you suddenly can’t hear anything except a strange roaring in your ears.

So, now, your turn to tell me:  how do you know you’re overdue for a vacation?  And please remember, Siesta Key 611 is happy to help on that front!  Visit Siesta Key 611 to learn more.


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