Fantasy Decorating

I have many bad habits.

This  irritates the heck out of me because I really thought by the time I was in my fifities, I would be perfect. I’d be kind and saintly like Mother Theresa, neat and organized like Martha Stewart and I’d look and dress like Catherine Deneuve.  (Have you seen her?  She’s still stunningly, aristocratically gorgeous.)  I figured that, by my fifties, I would have had plenty of PRACTICE being perfect so I should be getting it right.

Alas, no.

I still bug my husband by laughing way too much at my own jokes,  insisting that I don’t snore but he does and finishing his sentences when he pauses for breath and getting it wrong.  My hands look like a peasant washer woman’s and I should know about things like moisturizers but I just can’t be bothered.  Worst of all, because it’s bloody expensive and bloody wasteful because we really don’t need anything, I also have a bad habit of itching to redecorate everything pretty much all the time.   I’m obsessed with colour.   Anytime Greg leaves on a little trip without me, it’s always with trepidation.  He never quite knows what he’s going to come home to, but he knows something will be different and the poor man just wants to keep everything exactly the same.  Not gonna happen.  A room will have been painted, art rearranged or a new piece of furniture miraculously appears.  Something will be different.  It’s just a good thing he loves me as much as he does and it’s a good thing I’ve developed a rich and colourful fantasy life rather than really indulging my lust for design whole hog.  I just tweak constantly.  That my taste is slightly schizophrenic also helps, as it makes for lots of indecision and dithering.

So, understand that none of what you see below is actually going to happen at Siesta Key 611.  That lovely little condo is all about being a relaxing spot for many people with different tastes and I respect that and do not want people walking in and going, “UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!”  But you may see elements creep into the decor over time, from some of these inspiration pictures, below.

Or these just may remain my fantasy.  We’ll have to see.  Thanks to Emily Henderson, Justina Blakeney and Tom Scheerer for their inspiration and ideas.


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