Joining the 21st Century: Please ‘Like’ Us!



Well, never thought I’d see the day, but here we are.

In order to let the world know we have THE most perfect little vacation condo EVER  for rent in Siesta Key, we have to have a website.  I’m cool with that.  Actually, building that baby with the help and guidance of  two computer-savvy sons has been lots of fun. (Well, still IS fun –  a few things yet to fix up before we ‘go live’ and unleash it to take the world by storm.)  I’m learning lots of new things, though I’m getting seriously pudgy sitting at my computer all day, playing with the design.  OMG, talk about instant gratification! Totally addictive and it’s built a whole new connection between the new generation and their old mother.   But that’s another story.

What I’m having a lot less fun with is social media, which is really what this post is about.

I understand how social media works.  Basically, it’s a digital version of having a Tupperware party or being an Avon lady.  Got it.

BUT I’m kinda a private sort of person.  Love to chat with folks IN PERSON and love seeing the reaction I’m getting and love getting a sense of them, who they are, what they think, want, feel.  In fact, sometimes, I love to chat way too much.

I also love to get mail and email.

Basically what i’m saying is, I like to interact with people.  I really, really do.  I do NOT like to interact with a machine.  Or with hackers in Russia or spammers in China or child pornographers anywhere, for that matter.  I don’t like to willingly give all this personal information to Facebook and Google and whoever, information that I wouldn’t give to the average telephone solicitor in a million years.  I get very upset about the NSA listening in on people’s calls and reading their emails.  (Got that, you guys?  SERIOUSLY upset, not that you care though, do you?)   I don’t understand why people think the NSA’s bad for spying on them and but it’s okay to give away that much personal information and way more to the likes of  Google and Facebook, etc.

But, here we are, trying to reach our future happy vacation renters,and so it is that I’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

We now have a facebook page.  PLEASE – do me a huge big  favour and go LIKE our facebook page.  With gratitude from one Luddite with a really, really nice vacation condo for rent.


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