Question for You

When you go on vacation, visiting some place new,  do you prefer to live in the moment and simply experience the ‘now’ of the place?

Or are you also interested in discovering the history of wherever you are visiting?

Tell me! I’m curious.

The reason I ask is that I stumbled upon a book, called Images of America, Sarasota 1940-2005, written by Amy A. Elder.

Don’t you just love the cover picture?!



These women look stylish, healthy, happy and confident.  There isn’t a hint of today’s pouty, conflicted, anorexic look.  They aren’t exuding that totally self-absorbed attitude  that seems so common today and that I find SO tiresome.

You just know these girls would look at Kim Kardashian as if she came from a different planet.  Of course, they would be quite right!  🙂

The fun of this kind of book is that it’s a little time machine:  it takes you back to days gone by.  And if  that isn’t a great escape from everyday life, I don’t know what is.  For a few hours at least, I would like to inhabit a simpler world, one in which I wasn’t leashed to a Blackberry 24/7, didn’t fear deranged gunmen , terrorist attacks or economic collapse, a world where  Jennifer Aniston’s dress  wasn’t considered as ‘newsworthy’ as a speech by the American President or British Prime Minister, and where you could reasonably expect to be okay if you worked hard and played by the rules.  Yup, sounds like a nice place to visit.

From the preview I’ve seen online, the book is full of great pictures.

So, if I bought Sarasota 1940-2005 and left it in the little library at Siesta Key 611, would YOU read it while on vacation there?


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