Key Lime Pie



Did you know that Key Lime Pie is the official pie of the state of Florida?

That, alone, is reason enough to go to Florida.

Lusciously creamy, deliciously tangy and seductively sweet, Key Lime Pie is a heavenly indulgence, well worth a half hour at the gym to pay for the calories.  If you still need convincing to reach for a slice, Key Lime Pie will also help protect you from scurvy and you most certainly would not want scurvy!  🙂   Did you know that centuries ago, British sailors took limes on long sea voyages to prevent scurvy, which led to the Brits being referred to as Limey’s?

So plan a trip to the Key Lime Pie state soon!  A thousand miles is not too far to go for a great dessert.

Or if a vacation south is not in the cards for a while, try making Key Lime Pie for yourself.  It’s pretty simple and, according to Cooks Magazine, the everyday Persian limes you find in most supermarkets work every bit as well as the  Key Limes that come from the southern tip of Florida.

Bon appetit!

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