“My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy….”

Everyone complains there’s nothing good on TV, despite the billions of channels out there.

They have a point:  there isn’t MUCH.

But that doesn’t mean there is NOTHING.

Of course, there are live sports, if you’re of the male persuasion.   There is the World News at 6 for those of us over 35.

But for a program that actually has a compelling plot line and characters you can root for, well, that’s a bit harder to find.

Here’s a tip:  don’t look for good TV on TV, especially when you’re on vacation.   Too challenging.

Make it easy on yourself and buy full season boxed sets of DVDs or Bluerays.   That way, you don’t need to figure out what to watch next while you wait a whole week for the next episode.  You can do a vacation mini-marathon. Even better, you don’t need to watch the commercials (yes, heresy, coming from me given I make my living in advertising.)

You just need to find the right show.

Burn Notice is perfect for a Florida vacation,

Burn Notice is entertaining, fast-paced, cleverly written and it gets bonus points for being set in Florida.   The ensemble cast of characters are likable and bigger than life.  There is the yoghurt-loving ex-spy Michael Westen, played by the dapper Jeffery Donovan.  Fiona is his sexy, trigger-happy girlfriend who has an appealing penchant for blowing things up rather spectacularly.  Michael’s friend, Sam (played beautifully by Bruce Campbell) is an ex-Navy SEAL who used to inform on Michael to the FBI.  Best of all is Sharon Gless (remember Cagney and Lacey?) in her role as Michael’s mother, Maddy.

Burn Notice is currently in Season 7, so there are lots of episodes available on DVD to enjoy on your next holiday.  But now that we’ve seen them all….do you have any recommendations in return?

Burn Notice Season 1 Source:  Amazon.com

Burn Notice Season 1 Source: Amazon.com

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