Siesta Sunset

What could be a more relaxing end to a perfect day than a watching the sun slowly set over the water?


sunset jul 27 13 005

sunset jul 27 13 003

Unfortunately, we discovered a heretofore little known law that states, when you finally remember to take your camera to the beach, the clouds roll in. You snap a few pretty pictures but nothing compelling. Paragraph 2 of that statute asserts that the any night you forget your camera, the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico will be stupendously spectacular. I think it is Nature’s way of reminding us that some things are best experienced in the moment, not through an artificial lens.

Below is a link to a timelapse video of a Siesta Beach sunset, uploaded this year by Jacob Johnson, who apparently ignored the above-noted law. It is fascinating and maybe just a little disconcerting to see the whole sunset condensed to 1 minute and 22 seconds. Like still photographs, it suggests rather than captures the grandeur of the natural beauty.

The sunsets in Siesta Key are justifiably famous, so be sure to take an after-dinner walk on the beach.

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