Ex-Sleep Champion of the World Eats Breakfast in Siesta Village

When I was 21, I was the sleep champion of the world.

I NEVER rolled out of bed before noon on weekend. Frequently, it was a LOT later than that because, as long as I was in bed, my rule was that I did not have to think about homework, work or chores. In bed, I could avoid everything in my life I wanted to avoid!

Then I had kids.

Kids do NOT recognize the sanctity of sleeping in. They refuse to sit quietly and play by the rules that you, in your sole wisdom, have decided are fair and reasonable.

Suddenly, sleeping in ’til noon on weekends became staying in bed ’til 9:30am on Saturday, if I was lucky. Note I say staying in bed, not ”sleeping in.” After waking up at some ungodly hour to a shrill little voice wanting food, wanting juice, wanting to pee or wanting to watch TV, NOT much sleeping happened (unless the night before had been particularly gruesome.) Somehow, rolling over Saturday morning while HE got up with the kids still felt pretty darn good… even if I knew I had to return the favour on the next morning.

We would each take the kids out to keep the house quiet for the lucky one still lazing abed. We did groceries at 6am. We went to the swing set at the park in nice weather as soon as the sun was up. In colder weather, we went for Big Drive, Little Drive or Different Drive exploring Mississauga. Anything to get out of the house.

When we vacationed in Siesta Key, one of my favourite rise-and-shine shift outings was breakfast at The Broken Egg in the Village on Avenida Messina. There are now also two other Sarasota locations.

The Broken Egg opens at 7:30am, bloody late for anyone with toddlers, but worth the wait for someone whose favourite meal of the day is breakfast.

You and the kids can enjoy plate-sized buttermilk pancakes, gluten-free Cinnamon Rolls, Belgian waffles, Cinnamon Swirl French toast, Very Berry French toast (pictured below), or Banana Walnut Strudel French toast.

Excuse me a moment while i wipe the drool from my keyboard.

the broken egg very berry french toast

For those like my darlin’, who prefers his fat calories flavoured with salt instead of sweet, the menu also offers a selection of eggy things: omelettes, 7 varieties of Eggs Benedict, Corned Beef Hash and the Broken Eggwich – ham, scrambled eggs and cheese on a croissant or bagel.

The Broken Egg is celebrating it’s 28th anniversary today. It’s kid-friendly and they do lunch, too. But, take it from the ex-sleep champion of the world: if you need a reason to look forward to getting out of bed early, go for breakfast.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.thebrokenegg.com.


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