Serious sand castles

When my kids were little guys, we built sandcastles on the beach. Nothing fancy. An upended plastic pail of wet sand for the building. No windows, no doors, no crenellated towers. Sometimes we’d dig a moat around our pile of sand.

Well, apparently, we are underachievers.

There are people who have elevated sandcastle building to a fine art. We took this shot on the beach recently, liking the spirit of Canadian-American comradery that decorated this friendly fella. 055

Though I don’t have pictures to show you, we also saw dolphins, octopii, lobsters and dinosaurs all artfully constructed in the sand, with seaweed hair and shells for eyes by folks on the beach who are either very creative or very compulsive or both.

Wonderful as it is, all that pales beside what you’ll see in November.

This year, the 4th Annual Siesta Key Crystal Classic takes place November 15-18, as ten teams of sculptors compete for a $25,000 prize and raise money for charity. According to the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce website (, the Crystal Classic has become the favourite of many professional sand sculptors.

Did you even know there WERE professional sand sculptors?

Me neither.

But there are.

And they’ll be in Siesta Key later this fall.

Check out the past winners at

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